Allow me to dissuade you of a few false assumptions. First, that violence and wrath were expected if Biden won. In fact, all the boarding up in fear of riot proved unnecessary because he won, as opposed to the certain burning and looting by his supporters had he lost. Second, please recall your history and the need for interstate commerce that demanded highways and rail connecting coast to coast; recall the necessity of sourcing minerals, gas and oil, grain and beef, from the ranges of the West. Recall where our national parks reside and the great swaths of land owned under the auspices of the BLM. All that is for the benefit of city dwellers. Turn those resources over to the western states and we'll be happy to pay the freight----of course there will be a cost to you when you access our resources. Finally, this red-state blue-state dichotomy is an illusion. Less than 2% of the country is blue, only the metropolises and surrounding suburbia. The towns, countryside, and small cities are red regardless of state, where people tend toward individualism rather than collectivism. If you question this assertion, look at election maps broken down by county. And even that demographic doesn't tell the true story because voters tinted red and blue live across the street in small towns and mid-size cities throughout the country.

I often see attempts like yours from democrats in their attempt to divide the country and create vitriol.....this insistence in branding republicans as somehow immoral, undeserving and irredeemable. People spouting hate like you is the reason people like Alan West find willing listeners.

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